Huawei Working on Operating System

huaweiIt’s either Apple or Android, right? Well maybe not for much longer. Huawei, the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones, is reportedly working on its own operating system in case its relationship with Google fractures. The project is under way in Scandinavia, where a number of former Nokia employees are contributing to the development.

Huawei has recently begun focusing on software as a way of becoming more of a globalized electronics brand, and not just a dominant force in East Asia. This is worthy goal for the company since it hardly has any market share in North America.

As for its fear of losing touch with Google, Huawei is behaving interestingly. The same source that initially reported this story, The Information, last year reported that Google and Huawei were actively working to improve their relationship. Google has employed Huawei to build one of its Nexus devices as well as promoted the Huawei Watch in North America.

Huawei might not need to worry about Google, but it surely isn’t the only Android-using manufacturer to explore other options. For example, Samsung has said it will drop Android Wear in favour of its Tizen operating system for all of its upcoming smartwatches.

*Source: Mobile Syrup