Hackers Attempt to Rip-Off Hospital

rip-offWho says fax is a thing of the past? It’s what staff at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is using to communicate after hackers took control of its computer systems over a week ago.

The cyber crooks have demanded $3.6 million in Bitcoin to restore the hospital’s access to its email system and confidential patient records. Both the LA Police Department and FBI have stepped in to help, but until the perpetrators can be found, the hospital is unable to access or share diagnostic test results or patient history. Everything is now being charted on paper and the majority of patients have been shipped off to other hospitals.

“Alan Stefanek, the CEO and president of Hollywood Presbyterian, told NBC reporters that the cyberattack on his hospital was ‘random’ and not malicious,” states an article published by The Atlantic. “If that’s the case, then it’s possible someone at the facility clicked on an infected link in an email or a pop-up ad and introduced a virus onto the hospital network.”

This situation just reinforces the need to be vigilant and ensure staff is properly trained when it comes to malware and phishing schemes. If a hospital of this size is vulnerable, it’s easy to see how just about any business could fall victim.