Google’s Project Yeti could be the Netflix for video games

Would you be interested in a Netflix for video games? Because Google might deliver. A new project the company is working on, codenamed Yeti, will reportedly be a subscription-based video game streaming service.

The move toward more gaming isn’t altogether surprising. Google recently hired Phil Harrison, a high-profile game industry veteran who worked for Microsoft and ran Sony PlayStation’s first-party studio and research and development teams. Google also owns Owlchemy Labs, a VR tech company responsible for the popular Job Simulator VR game. And by itself, Google has had great success with Google Play mobile.

Yeti may run on Chromecast, but there are also reports of Google developing a new console for the service. The latter makes sense, seeing as Phil Harrison has significant experience with console development.

If you think Yeti is a brilliant idea, you’re not the only one. Video game subscription services like Utomik and Jump are already available for PC.

Source: – Google is reportedly building a game streaming subscription service
Published: February 7, 2018