Google Wallet Redesigned as Peer-To-Peer Payment App for iOS

Google-Wallet-bannerThe new Google Wallet for iOS was recently launched with a new focus on peer-to-peer payments. The completely rebuilt app went live on Android in September, and is now also available on iOS.

Android Pay was launched by Google earlier this month in an attempt to turn Google Wallet into a peer-to-peer payments service. Google Wallet allows users to send money to anyone in the U.S. using only an email address. An added bonus is the person accepting the transfer does not need to be a user of the Wallet service to receive payments.

A Google Wallet Card can be ordered from within the app. The card allows users to physically spend the money in their account in stores, or withdraw it from an ATM. Users also have the option to “cash out” the amount in their Google Wallet to a bank account or debit card linked to their account.

The new version of Google Wallet is available for download here.