Google to share profits with news publishers

Google is reportedly working a new system that would “help drive potential subscribers toward news publishers as part of a revenue-split agreement,” says Forbes. Google is apparently in talks with big names in the media to work out a deal that would involve ad-targeting tricks to help encourage more subscribers for news sites.

Google’s news chief Richard Gringas told The Financial Times that the deal in the works would offer publishers a better deal than its arrangement with advertisers, in which 70 percent of revenue is directed to the visited websites.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been earning billions per quarter in revenues from advertising on Google and YouTube. However, it does have a rival in the Internet’s other goliath, Facebook. Fortune says that “together the companies are expected to account for half of online ad revenue worldwide and more than 60% domestically.” However, Alphabet has time and again stated it is not part of an advertising duopoly with Facebook.

The arrangement for news publishers is still a while from release, with no estimate of when to expect it.