Google Pushing for Family-Oriented Apps

GoogleIn an attempt to appeal more to children and family demographics, Google has launched the “Designed for Families” program. This will allow app designers for Android to designate their applications as family friendly. To participate, “Apps must meet a stringent legal and policy bar and pass a specialized operations review,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited monthly subscription, which provides families with age-appropriate eBooks, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games, seems to have Google squirming. The company’s PlayStore for Android devices does not currently have any service geared directly at younger users.

Google is not yet disclosing what benefits developers might receive in exchange for complying with this program. However, having a seal of approval from Google and participating in the Designed for Families will make it easier for developers to have their content downloaded, as well as potentially expanding the demographic of those downloading it.

Nothing is happening right away, and Google plans to release more on the program over the next few weeks. “We’ll be adding new ways to promote family content to users on Google Play,” a spokesperson said.