Is the $100 Google Mobile Web Developer certificate worth it?

Has your dream always been to be a Google-certified mobile web developer? Well, now is your chance. According to The Next Web (TNW), Google recently launched a certification program for mobile web developers, in which you must successfully pass a “Mobile Web Specialist” exam and interview, in return for a badge that can be used on websites and resumes. Recipients of the certification are also entered into a registry, so that employers can check if their certification is legitimate. The certification costs $99.

“The exam content focuses on several fundamental areas, like creating and formatting forms, and rudimentary JavaScript. Google has also thrown a few advanced topics in for good measure, like front-end networking, and building ‘progressive’ applications that work offline and ‘offer a native app experience’,” said TNW.

This might sound like a cool program, and it is affordable in comparison to some competitors, but whether or not it is worth the time and money is still up for debate. As the TNW article on the certification explains, “Software development is something that, by and large, doesn’t tend to concern itself with certifications. Plenty of people enter the field without having gone to university at all.” Basically, prior experience might be a lot more valuable on your CV than a badge from Google.

That doesn’t mean there’s no reason to get the certification. It is an extra qualification and it cannot hurt. Time will tell how helpful the badge is for job applicants in the web development field.