Google Maps Shows Canada’s Best Tobogganing Hills


With the recent storm leaving Canada quite snowy, it might be time to break out the old sled. Google wants to help. A new map highlights over 200 of the best tobogganing hills across Canada.

While the map was created by Edmonton toboggan enthusiast Charles Heard, it can easily be edited by other users, allowing for the addition of new hills and useful tips. For instance, the user who added the “Emond kiddie run” in Val-Belair, Quebec wrote, “A hedge wall prevents any run-away sleds. Ample parking at the nearby school.”

Anyone can access and edit the tobogganing map on Google Maps as long as they have a Google account. Heard encourages as many people as possible to add their favorite spots, tips, and stories.

Keep in mind, the map does not address current issues surrounding tobogganing and the use of helmets. Nor does is show that some Canadian cities, Hamilton in particular, have tobogganing bans, or that cities like Niagara and Ottawa have restricted sledding to specific hills.

Health Canada recommends children wear helmets that fit and are secured properly to prevent head and brain injuries.