Google Cutting Out the Android Middleman

androidGoogle reportedly has its own smartphones and smartwatches ready for release by the end of 2016. With the widespread global success of Android OS, it makes sense that Google would want to keep more of the profits for itself.

Google started by partnering with manufacturers like Samsung or HTC to sell Android-based third-party devices. It has also recently relied on Nexus devices, which were manufactured in collaboration with a number of tech firms. But now Google is cutting out the middlemen and selling in-house devices under the Google brand. The first, Android Nougat, is set for release this fall.

Google’s devices will likely be modular in design, meaning they will use interchangeable blocks to boost performance or replace faulty blocks.

According to the Android Police website, Google might also be working on two watches that feature Google Assistant. Again, these would be released under the Google brand with the wearable OS, Android Wear 2.0.

*Source: CTV News