Google Chrome to add perma-mute button

Nobody likes noisy popups on websites. In fact, ad blocker extensions might not be so popular if it weren’t for those annoying little videos. If you feel these frustrations, then Google Chrome has a nice surprise for you. According to PC Mag, the browser will soon add a setting that can permanently mute certain web pages.

Google’s François Beaufort wrote in a Google+ post on August 25 that Chrome “is currently experimenting with a setting to mute a website directly from the Page Info bubble. This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically.”

Right now, you’re able to silence any website in Chrome by right-clicking the browser tab and selecting the “Mute Tab” option. This new setting will allow you to permanently mute sites, meaning you will not have to hit the mute button every time you visit. On top of this, Chrome plans on automatically blocking some of the most annoying adverts starting in 2018 – including ads that play audio or prevent you from visiting a webpage.

PC Mag explains that this setting is currently available as a part of Google Chrome Canary, “a version of the browser designed to give developers and early adopters access to the newest features before they’re available to the general public.” The Chrome team has not disclosed when this will be available to regular Chrome users.