Google announced new cloud platform, Cloud IoT Core

GoogleOn May 16th, Google announced a new cloud platform to help enterprises collect data from a vast network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

It’s called Google Cloud IoT Core, and according to Google’s cloud product manager, Indranil Chakraborty, it connects globally distributed devices to Google’s Cloud Platform, where they can be centrally managed and integrated with Google’s data analytics services.

According to Computer World, Google has been testing the new service with Energyworx, an American company of 40 workers, and loyal users of Google’s cloud services since 2014. Energyworx provides data analytics to utility companies to help them optimize performance. Energyworx founder Edwin Poot says his company has been using Cloud IoT Core to get real-time data readings from thousands of solar inverters and electric vehicle charging ports. Poot says he would like to expand the use of Cloud IoT Core to collect data from millions of smart utility meters for water and gas.

According to Poot, Google’s cloud services have cost only a tenth of what it paid Amazon Web Services prior to 2014. With Cloud IoT Core, Energyworx only has to pay Google for the IoT devices it uses to receive data.

“We’re seeing the power of cloud will grow fast and this [Google IoT] approach will be scalable,” Poot said. “We don’t install anything and don’t maintain anything. We just program it and use it and don’t worry about anything else.”