Global accounting firm Deloitte has been hacked

In another recent case of concerning cyber-attacks, global accounting firm Deloitte announced on September 25 that it had suffered a security breach, affecting the data for a small number of clients. According to CBC, Deloitte said the hackers “accessed data from the company’s email platform.”

The attack allegedly zeroed in on the firm’s U.S operation, and apparently could have been ongoing since as early as October of 2016. The clients affected are mostly Fortune 500 members, but the specific identities have not been disclosed.

What is really concerning is that news of this attack follows the shocking Equifax breach, as well as the cyber-attack on the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. Clearly, organizations that handle sensitive financial data are being targeted more heavily than ever.

Deloitte said that it “contacted government authorities immediately after it became aware of the incident, and notified each of the ‘very few clients’ that had been affected.”