You get six months of free Apple Music with a Verizon unlimited data subscription

On August 8th, Verizon announced it would be launching a “new and exclusive” partnership with Apple, so that customers who subscribe to one of the carrier’s three unlimited plans are eligible to receive six months of free Apple Music. According to Apple Insider, this promotion goes into effect on August 16th. It will also apply to all subscribers to Verizon’s unlimited plans, whether “they are new to Apple Music, cancelled the service, or are a current subscriber.”

Apple Insider points out that means any Verizon subscriber is “able to stream all of Apple Music’s 45 million tracks over Verizon’s 4G LTE network without worrying about data caps.”

This isn’t an unusual move for carriers. T-Mobile has made a similar partnership with Netflix, Sprint has bundled Hulu and Tidal with its offerings, and AT&T offers WatchTV. However, the Apple-Verizon deal is valid only for six months, whereas the other carriers’ deals don’t expire.

Nonetheless, Apple Music is a very popular service right now, and this new bundle might just attract new subscribers. As Apple Insider mentions, “In April, it was revealed that Apple Music had 40 million paid subscribers and in July it was said to have overtaken Spotify in paid subscribers in the U.S.”

Source: – Apple, Verizon partnership gives unlimited data plan subscribers six months of free Apple Music
Published: August 8, 2018