Funding Boosts Windstream’s Rural Infrastructure

Rural internet serviceWindstream expects to provide broadband to 75,000 homes thanks to USDA Rural Utilities Service stimulus funding, the company announced at the recent Stephens Spring Investment Conference in New York.

It is the only provider in many of the markets and is expected to play a large role in the program. Execs have said customers can expect to receive speeds of 10 Mbps and higher.

“In a lot of these locations, all that’s really is available is satellite broadband on the stimulus side so we feel really good about our chances to be the only game in town in terms of being a reliable broadband provider,” Windstream senior vice president and treasurer Bob Gunderman was quoted as saying. “We have already good adoption on some of the market share gains in the markets we have turned up so we’re optimistic that that will continue.”

Even faster speeds could become available to some customers through the recently approved Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program Connect America. A federal appeals court recently gave the green light to transition the funding to rural broadband infrastructure improvements from rural telephone service costs, much to the chagrin of the telcos that were benefiting from the annual subsidies.

Windstream will receive $90 million in grants under the $4.5 billion Connect America program, and hopes to deliver speeds of up to 24 Mbps.

*Source: Fierce Telecom