Firefox is launching Advance extension to help you find recommended websites

firefox for iosIf you’re one of the few people who doesn’t have enough to do on the internet, Mozilla Firefox has just the new extension for you. Almost. According to The Verge, the browser is “launching a new experimental browser extension called Advance, which recommends new websites and articles based on what you’re currently reading and your recent browsing history.”

Advance works in two separate parts. There is a “Read Next” sections, which recommends articles based on your current tab, as well as a “For You” section, which amalgamates all your recent browsing history to make more general recommendations.

The Verge explains, “Firefox said that when browsing, say, a list of popular restaurants, Advance could recommend other, similar eateries to make it easier for you to compare them.”

Advance is powered by Laserlike, a machine learning startup that specializes in recommendations. For user safety, if you download the Advance extension, you will have full control over when it is running, and you will have access to see what browser history Laserlike can see. If you are unhappy with certain data, you can request its removal.

You can sign up to install Advance early as a part of Firefox’s Test Pilot program, where the company gets users to “test new features for users who want to try them before rolling them out to the main app.”

Source: – Firefox’s latest experiment recommends stories based on your browsing history
Published: August 7, 2018