Facebook wants to nix the crowd-funding middlemen

facebook_2015_logo_detail Crowd-funding services like GoFundMe have become very popular, helping people cover the costs of tuition, medical bills, trips, start-ups, and more. According to the Verge, Facebook recently announced its attempts to cut out the middlemen. The social media giant will soon begin letting its users create personal fundraisers directly on Facebook.

The personal fundraiser feature will roll out over the next few weeks to Facebookers in the United States. Users will have to be eighteen to access the feature and will be able to set up a Facebook page dedicated to their fundraiser, pick a donation goal and receive money directly through the site. The fundraisers will be linked to their users’ Facebook profile – making the whole thing a bit more personal.

There is a twist. Facebook moderators will not only review all fundraisers before they launch, but they will also be limiting fundraisers to six categories: education expenses, medical bills, pet bills, crisis and disaster relief, personal emergencies, and assistance for families after a death. Facebook says it is open to adding more categories in the future.

Facebook has not yet disclosed whether or not it will be entitled to receive a cut of the money raised. However, for donations and charities that run on Facebook, three percent of each donation is put towards covering fee processing, while another two percent is removed for non-profit vetting, fraud protection, and payment support.