Facebook Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi to Students’ Homes

Facebook passwordsProviding improved Wi-Fi access to students is becoming a big initiative in the United States. In fact, the Federal Communications Commission just announced a $2 million plan to do just that. Facebook is taking this goal even further with a trial to provide Wi-Fi to students’ houses in Forest City, N.C.

Forest City is conveniently the location of one of Facebook’s largest data centres. The trial was rolled out in cooperation with the local school board and non-profit high-speed fiber Internet provider Pangaea, with 75 to 100 homes participating.

There is no word yet as to whether Facebook will extend this project beyond Forest City to other parts of the U.S., or even internationally. It is just one of the company’s many efforts to improve Internet access and educate — one project, Education Superhighway, gets schools more familiar with how their broadband works and how to improve it.

Facebook and Pangaea’s project launched July 15.

*Source: Tech Crunch