Facebook Overhauling Trending Topic Feature

facebook_2015_logo_detailThe trending topic feature on Facebook is an easy and entertaining way to keep up on the news. But a recent controversy has erupted over whether the social media giant is using the platform as a way to block conservative news. In response, Facebook promises to stop relying on news outlets to determine what content is added to the feature.

This means that Facebook will stop looking to websites like the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post to determine what is popular with users. Instead it will automatically choose topics based on a spike in users posts.

A Facebook review found members of the team working on the feature have the ability to temporarily suppress topics that aren’t being reported on by popular news outlets. However, no evidence was found to indicate staff has been blocking news based on political bias.

“It is impossible to fully exclude the possibility that, over the years of the feature’s existence, a specific reviewer took isolated actions with an improper motive,” Facebook explained in a statement.

*Source: CTV News