Facebook Launches Reactions

Facebook Launches ReactionsFacebook users have historically been dissatisfied with the option to only “like” their friends’ statuses. The age-old battle over whether to add a “dislike” feature has caused concerns about cyber-bullying, and generally not gained much traction. However, a useful alternative is here. Now, alongside the “like” button, will be a “love,” “haha,” “Yay!,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry” option, each possessing a emoticon representation.

Facebook began testing the alternative reactions in countries including Ireland, Japan, and Spain. It officially released them worldwide yesterday. In order to express your feeling about a person’s post, you need only hover your cursor over the traditional “like” button, where a ribbon of features will appear. This new option is called Reactions.

Product design director Julie Zhuo says Facebook chose this specific range of Reactions to give users “greater control over their expressivity.” It decided by going through people’s comments and collecting data on the most common phrases and stickers utilized. Now instead of having to choose from the plethora of emoticons and stickers, these six basic options will make communication a bit simpler.

*Source: CBC