Facebook Ad Server Will Allow Advertisers to Track Users


Facebook is now allowing advertisers to use its data to track its 1.3 billions users. The main feature of Facebook’s revamped ad server, called Atlas, is a technology referred to as “people-based marketing.” Regardless of the device an individual is using, advertisers will now be able to measure how often an individual sees their ads and tailor promotions based on the information.

The Atlas ad server will be shown to top advertising agencies this week in New York, during Advertising Week. Omnicom Group Inc., whose clients include PepsiCo Inc. and Intel Corp, will be the first to use Facebook’s new product.

“There is just a huge shift to mobile and we’re capitalizing on it by offering personalized marketing,” Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said in an interview.

User’s Internet activity is expanding to include mobile phones and applications, so advertisers are looking for more accurate ways to target them and ensure the right promotions are reaching the right people. Capitalizing on this need, Atlas also gives advertisers the ability to use Facebook data to target users of Instagram, and tells them who saw their ads and if they bought something.

The new product’s ability to track users may ignite fears regarding security, but Sandberg assures marketers won’t be given access to any data that members haven’t made available through privacy preferences.