Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing

video-conferencingVideo conferencing is becoming a regular business practice. Its ease of use and inclusivity make it a great tool for business owners; however, many people find participating in a video conference to be a nerve-wracking experience. How do you act when you’re on camera, in a meeting with people who could be anywhere in the world?

First, remember to always maintain eye contact. Don’t look into the monitor, instead stare directly into the camera. This lets others know you are engaged in the meeting. Similarly, avoid typing during the conference; the noise is distracting and it shows that you aren’t paying attention. If you need to take notes, classic pen and paper is the polite thing to use.

If you’re working from home, remember to dress as if you were going to the office. And no matter where you are, don’t eat during your meeting. This should be fairly self-evident, but bringing a sandwich to your meeting is less than professional. You should also avoid other such interruptions. Make sure your coworkers know you’re in a meeting by posting a sign on your door or cubicle, and if you’re at home make sure any pets or children cannot be seen or heard.

When you’re in a large meeting – such as a video conference between a room full of people and one person on the other end – it’s important to ensure that all parties are participating. Ask questions, give opportunities for other to ask questions, etcetera. It can also be helpful to choose a neutral setting or background for your video conference. For example, the glare created by sitting in front of a window can be distracting for the person you’re calling.

As a last point, one that can sometimes be difficult to detect, double and triple check for any technical difficulties that might interrupt your meeting. Poor connection or automatic updates can make your meeting look very unprofessional.

*Source: Consumer Electronics Net