Should we enable cell service on flights? Americans say NO!

A study done by market research institute Nielsen has revealed that an overwhelming amount of Americans who travel by air – 89 percent in fact – would prefer to keep their flights disconnected from cell service.

“A total of 8,150 individuals, aged 18 years and older who have flown with an airline company in the last two years were surveyed in an online poll. Respondents from China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, the UAE, the UK and the US participated in the survey from February 16-26, 2018.”

The American participants of the survey mainly cited “nuisance, disturbance” as the most important reason to keep flights cellphone free. This belief represents a trend that has been on the incline since 2015, according to eTurboNews.

However, Americans were not in the majority on this matter. Although Nielsen found the global average to be 51 percent, “the rate of passengers in favor of allowing mobile phone usage in flight is significantly higher in India (73%), China (70%), and the UAE (63%).”

Source: – 89 percent of American flyers don’t want cell phone service in-flight
Published: July 25, 2018