Electrician hit with $245,000 wireless bill

Just when you think you are paying too much for your telecommunication services, along comes the story of U.K. electrician Alan Mazkouri, who ripped open his cellphone bill to find a terrifying total: Over $245,000 USD for one month’s service.

For 15 years, Mazkouri has a business account with Orange, and usually his bill for 10 mobile devices was about $450 per month. All was good until one handset started malfunctioning and he brought it in to be exchanged for a new phone.

It turns out that during the few weeks it was on the fritz the broken phone sucked back an astonishing 52 gigabytes of data, about the same as sending 5.18 million emails or downloading 15,000 songs. Though it was obvious that Mazkouri wasn’t to blame for the mishap, Orange insisted he owed the total amount.

“For the last nine months it has been absolute misery in our household because of the strain that’s been put on us by Orange,” he told the BBC.

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