Elderly Woman Falls Victim to Phone Slamming

landlineEarlier this week, we discussed the practice of phone cramming, sharing a story about a scam artist who faced major Federal Trade Commission penalties for his participation in the fraudulent activity. Today we take a look at phone slamming, which has nothing to do with hanging up on someone after a particularly heated conversation.

Instead, it is something that is usually even more frustrating. Phone slamming occurs when a subscriber’s services are transferred to another provider without their consent. Typically the unethical provider contacts the company supplying the current service and falsely reports the customer is jumping ship. In some cases, an unsuspecting consumer enters a contest without reading the fine print, which has them agree to switch their phone services to another carrier.

We’re not quite sure what exactly happened in this instance, but we do know an elderly woman was without phone service for weeks after getting caught up in a slamming scam. KRCR News reported the 77-year-old California resident picked up her phone one day to discover silence on the line. After calling AT&T, it was revealed her account had been switched to Charter Communications without her permission, and her number reassigned to a different residence.

After countless phone calls – and wasting $130 on a temporary phone – the woman’s service was finally restored yesterday.

We wish this was an isolated incident, but sadly it is not. What would you do if your business telephone suddenly went dead?