Eero Using Mesh Networking to Strengthen Home Wi-Fi


As streaming video and smart home devices become more prevalent, Eero is working to wipe out weak Wi-Fi. The new startup wants to provide reliable Internet access to every corner of your home with its system of multiple routers.

“Streaming content has taken over our homes and there’s all these devices connecting to the internet, but our existing home networking gear hasn’t been designed for that,” said Nick Weaver, the 26-year-old CEO and co-founder of Eero.

Eero promises to solve the problem of network reliability with a distributed mesh network. Instead of using one large device with powerful range extenders, multiple small devices will be placed around the home. On pre-order, Eero routers will cost $125 per device, or $300 for a set of three to cover an entire house. After pre-orders the price will jump to $200 per device, or $500 for the set.

“What we’ve seen in home networking is that routers have gotten bigger and more powerful,” said Weaver. “But the solution isn’t to have more power; the solution is to have many different internet connection points in the home. But to do that in a simple and easy way, it really becomes a complex software problem. And that’s just not an area that’s seen innovation in 10 or 15 year.”

Each router has been designed to cover 1,000 square feet, and comes equipped with two Wi-Fi radios, a Bluetooth wireless chip, a half gig of RAM and a gig of flash storage. Eero plans for its routers to help ramp up video streaming, and to get better Internet access to smart home devices through the use of Bluetooth chips.

Distributed networking gear exists in enterprise settings, but is too expensive and complicated for home use. The Eero system promises easy setup, and an accompanying app to view Internet speeds and manage which devices are connected to the network.

Eero recently raised $5 million in seed funding. The company is now taking orders for its devices, and plans to start shipping them in early summer.