Don’t fall for this heart string-pulling phone scam out of North Carolina

Authorities in Rutherford County, North Carolina are warning locals not to fall for a phone scam which tries to solicit money for veterans.

The scam, which impersonates the Rutherford County Veteran Service, allegedly asks its victims to send money for program supporting unemployed veterans. To make it sound more legitimate, the scam claims there are three levels of donors – Bronze, Silver, or Gold – and that any amount can be given. The scam can be confusing, because it sounds very similar to the Rutherford County Veteran Services Community Partnership Program. The similarities have led locals who have heard of the real initiative to fall for the scam.

The actual Rutherford County Veteran Services reinforces that is absolutely does not solicit money over the phone. If you think you’re on the receiving end of a call like this, the best thing to do is hang up and report it.

This scam is devious in the way it exploits a person’s altruism. Even if you don’t live in Rutherford County, be skeptical of any call asking for money that comes your way.