Disabling Automatic Windows 10 Updates

Windows-10-logoMicrosoft has made updates mandatory on its new Windows 10 operating system. If you happen to be using Windows 10 Pro, you have the option to delay these updates, but if you’re using the basic Windows 10 Home the updates will happen automatically by default.

The decision to include mandatory updates has not been popular. There are many reasons why users are saying they would prefer to choose when or if they update their computers, including data usage and the potential for errors. If you are one of these users who might want to delay or block updates, there are a few tricks to try.

If a user is accessing Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity, there is an option within settings that will stop Windows 10 updates if enabled. To do this, search for “Change Wi-Fi settings” in the Start Menu, click “Advanced Options” and enable the toggle below called “Set as metered connection.” This will stop the updates by making your computer believe you’re on a limited data plan, even if you are not.

Sadly, this little cheat will not work if you use a broadband connection or Ethernet cable. If you’re using one of these methods for internet connection, you may need to download a tool from Microsoft’s website that allows users to hide of disable updates selectively.