Dell Ditches Android Tablets

dell-logoDell has decided to stop selling tablets that run on Android OS, focusing instead on Windows two-in-one devices. Dell has been discontinuing a number of Android-run devices for a while. Now, the Venue line of tablets and the Wyse Cloud Connect computer will no longer be available.

“The slate tablet market is over-saturated and is experiencing declining demand from consumers, so we’ve decided to discontinue the Android-based Venue tablet line,” a Dell spokesperson was quoted as saying in a Network World article.

Although the traditional slate tablet was fun and innovative at one point in history, two-in-one devices have the potential to serve as both a tablet and a laptop, making them more desirable. The Dell spokesperson said two-in-ones are “rising in popularity” most notably in the “commercial space.”

“For customers who own Android-based Venue products, Dell will continue to support currently active warranty and service contracts until they expire, but we will not be pushing out future OS upgrades,” the spokesperson explained. Dell also made it clear this is not a vendetta against Android, and it remains open to supporting the OS in the future.