Dear Apple customers: Microsoft really wants your business!

microsoft logoApple versus Microsoft – it’s a question that divides a lot of people. According to an article from CNET, Microsoft wants to make switching sides an appealing option for those on team Apple. It’s making an offer of up to $650 for anyone in the United States willing to switch their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for a Surface Book or Surface Pro.

Users interested must make the trade-in at a Microsoft Store or on, according to Brian Hall, corporate VP of marketing for Microsoft devices.

One reason Hall believes users will switch teams is because the updated MacBooks coming soon from Apple are not expected to have touch screens. Microsoft and other PC makers that run Windows have popularized the touch-screen laptop along with hybrid laptop-tablet devices.

“At this point, they’re really doing customers a disservice to not to have an option for touch on a MacBook,” Hall said in an interview with CNET. “We’re going to announce tomorrow a trade-in program so that people who feel disappointed by the Mac not going all the way to touch screen can trade in their Apple computers for Surface.”

Apple declined to comment on the announcement.