Cutting Energy Costs with Smart Devices

For obvious reasons, you’re likely spending more time at home these days. That means you’re also likely spending more on your monthly household utility bills. Thankfully, there are several ways you can reduce your utilities spend – one of them being smart home devices!

Smart Devices can be installed in practically any home, and they can greatly increase your energy efficiency by using sensors and automatic adjustments to meet your energy needs and avoid over-consumption. Most of these devices can also be installed in the office to reduce your spend there. Here is a look at some of these devices and just how they can shrink your bills!

Smart Appliances

Imagine your washing machine has a small, moving part inside that gets damaged. It’s not an expensive part, and you could even replace it yourself if you ordered a new one. The problem is, you have no idea that part is broken – and every time you use your washing machine, the damage gets worse as it tries to compensate. Eventually, your small fix has turned into a full replacement.

What if your washing machine could alert you to the damaged part so you could get it repaired immediately? That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart appliances. From fridges and freezers that will send you a text when they’re left open to dryers that track peak-energy usage times so you always know the cheapest time to dry your clothes. Smart appliances can save you big in the long term.

Smart Bulbs and Thermostats

Light, heating and cooling – three things most homes need to remain comfortable. Thankfully, smart options for thermostats and bulbs can keep us comfortable and save us money.

According to a study by Nest Labs, a smart thermostat could save you an average of 12 percent on heating and 15 percent on cooling. One example of how it achieves this is by pairing with your smart phone to automatically cool or warm your house when it detects you’re about to arrive. That way, you’re not wasting money by heating a house with no one inside it to reap the comfy benefits.

When it comes to light bulbs, wasting money can be as simple as accidentally leaving one on when you head out. These can also pair with your phone to be directly controlled or to turn on and off as you come and go. The majority of smart bulbs also let you dim and brighten as necessary.

Smart Plugs

Plugs are an excellent place to start on your journey into building a smart home. By pairing with your phone, you can control power to any plug in your home – turn them on and off remotely, put them on timers, and track how much energy they’re using. Maybe you often fall asleep with the TV on – you could set the plug powering the TV to cut power throughout the night and turn back on in the morning. With a little creative thinking, smart plugs can net you some extra cash that you’d otherwise be paying directly to your utilities vendor.