Connected Cars are Gaining Speed

connectedThere are more people in the United States who own a cell phone than a car – think of those texting-addicted teens who are thankfully too young to drive. But cars are quickly gaining speed in cellular world. In the first quarter of 2016, connected cars accounted for one-third of all new cellular devices.

According to mobile industry consultants at Chetan Sharma, more cars were added to networks than phones in Q1. Since connected cars are still relatively new to the market, the possibilities are exciting.

Already, AT&T has 8 million cars on its network, and according to Chetan Sharma’s report is “probably the highest of any mobile operator in the world.” AT&T is adding more cars to its network than all other operators combined. It provides cars with everything from vehicle-to-vehicle capabilities, telematics, entertainment apps, over-the-air updates, and 4G LTE hotspots built into the vehicle.

Despite the fact more and more cars are being integrated into a connected world, many drivers still don’t know this feature is available to them. A survey taken of 3,700 drivers in Europe found four in 10 were unaware their cars had connectivity features. However, connectivity was rated “an important criteria at purchase” by 32 percent of the drivers.

*Source: Tech Crunch