Cloud Services Keeping Apple Afloat

apple logoApple’s having a rough time financially –the company saw its first decline in revenue in over a decade this quarter. iPhone sales have dropped 18 percent, iPad 19 percent and Mac nine percent. But every cloud has a silver lining, and Apple’s cloud could be keeping it afloat.

Apple’s cloud services include the App Store and Apple Music, areas in which revenue has jumped 20 percent to $6 billion. The only thing ahead of it is “Other Products” which include Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats and other such products. To put the success of Apple’s cloud services in perspective, it beat Facebook’s overall quarterly revenue of $5.8 billion of Q4 2015.

The only hindrance to Apple’s cloud business is that it revolves around people using its software. And although Apple has sold now over a billion devices – a landmark they hit in 2016 – it still doesn’t give them the same access as Microsoft, which will sell its services to anybody.

*Source: Light Reading