Chinese TV maker TCL to sell smartphones in the United States

tclTCL, one of China’s biggest electronics makers, has ambitions in the U.S smartphone market. The company wants to sell devices, under its own brand, and hopefully establish a presence in the West. According to Chris Larson (vice president of TCL North America) in an interview with Business Insider, the phones should be available later this year.

What’s interesting is that these smartphones will be TCL branded. The company, namely a television manufacturer, already has a foothold in the market using the Alcatel brand and a recent line of BlackBerry branded devices. TCL also owns the Palm brand, but has not pushed any devices under that name.

TCL has already established its smartphone brand in China, Europe, and a handful of other global markets. In fact, the devices sold there are the ones re-branded and sold under a different name in the United States. As explained by Business Insider, the high-end TCL 950 phone was sold in the U.S as the BlackBerry DTEK60.

Larson says the phones will feature a “whole new design” compared to its existing devices overseas, and that they will likely be “mid-to upper-mid-range” devices.