Verizon’s MiFi hotspots to hit stores soon

Verizon Wireless has launched another breakthrough in wireless mobility and will soon make it available in stores. It is a device that will enable its subscribers to share Internet connectivity to a maximum of five other people with Wi-Fi-ready gadgets like computers, phones, and gaming and portable media devices. This battery-powered device called the MiFi 2200 is manufactured by Novatel Wireless and allows shared connectivity if one user is hooked up to the Verizon 3G network. It serves as a personal Wi-Fi “cloud” or mobile hotspot. Unlike regular mobile-broadband cards which only work with a sole computer at a time, 

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Critical Issues This Week – FCC

The FCC will deal with several key telecom issues in the coming week.  Some these issue include the unlicensed use of television white spaces, Verizon’s acquisition of Alltel and the merger of Clearwire with Sprint’s WiMAX division. The most important issue will be the commission’s decision over whether to allow unlicensed use of television broadcast spectrum known as “white spaces.”  Google, Microsoft and Dell, having been lobbying the FCC to vote in favor of letting wireless data devices operate freely on the spectrum, much as laptops and smartphones can currently operate on unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum.

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