IBM Layoffs Draw Fire from Labor Groups

“It’s all about greed,” says labor organizers of the planned downsizing of computer technology and IT consulting giant IBM. The Businessweek reports that labor organizers have slammed IBM’s rumored massive layoffs in its US operations to transfer work to India while it vies for its share in the stimulus funds. Alliance@IBM National Coordinator Lee Conrad told Businessweek IBM’s move to transfer about 5,000 jobs offshore reeks of greed and comes at such a bad time while the company seeks a piece of the $8 billion high-speed rail funds and a share in the stimulus package allocation to digitize the healthcare

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Advertising Goes Mobile with Google G1

The Google G1 smartphone is technology at its best. It’s extremely user-friendly and high-tech, allowing you access to interesting applications like Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. Its touch-screen and qwerty keyboard features, plus 3.2-megapixel camera, and music player further add to its appeal. So, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, the phone also allows Google to keep a database of the internet sites you visit and, based from these, figures out what kind of ads would most likely appeal to you and sends these your way. Sold exclusively by T-Mobile at $199 each, Google G1 allows

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Cellular Roaming Can Be Expensive

In January, one of my clients took his family to Florida for a week’s vacation, but he didn’t leave the office at home. He called his office on his cell phone each morning to check in and resolve any pressing problems, and he even made calls during the week to several of his customers.

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