Cashing in on Telemarketers

We’ve all had it happen – dinner interrupted by a call from the duct-cleaning company, or the annoying pre-recorded message proclaiming you’ve won a free vacation. Unsolicited calls from telemarketers continue to plague us despite the establishment of Do Not Call registries in countries around the world.

One UK man has found a way to use these pesky calls to his advantage. He signed up for a premium phone line, which charges callers every time they dial him. The telemarketers haven’t been dissuaded by the upfront cost and so far, and he has made over $450 USD.

The premium line has changed the way he approaches telemarketers. Instead of hanging up, he keeps them on the line as long as possible. He’s also now requesting more companies contact him at home. The volume of calls has dropped slightly.

It’s not a practice you should adopt for legal reasons, but does show how some people are able to work the system to their advantage.