Canadians use half the data Americans do, study says

Victoria, BC-based mobile data company Tutela recently did a study that found the average Canadian uses 56 percent less mobile data per month than their American counterparts. According to Mobile Syrup, “The study collected data from over 48 million mobile data users across 10 countries during May 2018, including over 100,000 users in Canada.”

Of the ten countries studied, Canada and Brazil tied for last place in terms of average amount of monthly data. The average Canadian and Brazilian uses 2.7GB per month, where the average U.S user consumes 6.1GB of cellular data per month. The highest usage that Tutela found was actually India, with a monthly average of 6.8GB.

Tutela’s study also examined monthly WiFi usage in its ten selected countries. It turns out Canadians and Americans are about the same on this metric; Canadians use a monthly average of 8.4GB of WiFI on their mobile devices, and Americans use about 8.3 GB.

So it looks like both Canadians and Americans want to be connected – but the difference lies in data. Why don’t Canadians use the same amount of data as their neighbours? Vice President of Tutela, Tom Luke, believes the issue is pricing.

Luke cited a report from Rewheel, which Mobile Syrup says “assessed how many LTE gigabytes could be purchased at different pricing levels in countries across the world. The report indicated that while €30 (roughly $50 CAD) purchases a monthly plan with approximately 100GB in the U.K. — or 10GB in the U.S. — it only provides Canadians with approximately 2GB.”

In a press statement regarding the study, Luke said, “It is possible that price could be a key factor in Canada’s low cellular data consumption, particularly when you consider that they use the same amount of data on Wi-Fi as their American counterparts.”

Looking into this trend, Tutela broke down data consumption – as a percentage of overall internet usage – between the Big Three Canadian telecoms and Freedom Mobile. The study found that “Rogers customers consume the most data on average — 26.5 percent cellular (73.5 percent on Wi-Fi). Bell customers use the least, with 18.5 percent.”

Source: – Canadians use less than half the cellular data Americans do: Tutela report
Published: July 5, 2018