Canadians Plagued by Credit Card Flight Scams

airplaneJust about everyone has won enough “free cruises” to take an entire year off of work. However, calls that promise free flights from known companies may appear a little less suspicious. Nevertheless, beware of any caller promising cash credit towards free flights in exchange for credit card information because it is most certainly a scam.

The Calgary International Airport reports scammers have been using automated messages pretending to be airport officials in their calls. The airport has no involvement in any such calls, and is warning the public if you receive one, it is most certainly fraudulent.

The scam itself isn’t new – it’s one that WestJet has been struggling with for years. Crooks will call numbers across Canada and tell victims they’ve won a prize for their loyalty. They ask for credit card information, which they say is to cover “administrative fees.” Then the credit card is used for fraudulent purchases.

WestJet is also reminding the public they do not use telemarketers and that the company is not associated with the calls.

“This phone scam, and other similar versions, continue to be a source of great frustration for our guests as well as for us,” WestJet vice president Richard Bartrem was quoted as saying.”We would like to reassure Canadians once again that we are not making these annoying calls, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

It seems flight-reward credit card scams are increasing in Canada right now and the public should be on alert. Anyone receiving a call of this sort should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501.

*Source: CBC