Canadians pay the most in the world for telecom services

According to a new study by Rewheel, a specialist in mobile-data and marketing competition, Canadians face “some of the least competitive pricing… for their wireless plans.”

Rewheel’s study looked at how much data 30 Euros – or $46.13 CAD – buys in mobile broadband and smartphone plans in over 41 countries. Canada came last for mobile broadband, and 37th for smartphone plans, ahead of Greece, Korea, Hungary, and Malta.

This isn’t just a Canadian problem. North America in general is lagging behind Europe in a few ways. The study suggests that “Countries like Bulgaria and Lithuania are outperforming the United States and Canada by offering unlimited data.”

How can this change? In January of 2018, the CRTC was urged to hold a public inquiry into the telecom industry’s sales tactics. But can we ever reach a point where competition in Canada is as diverse as in the EU?

Source: – Canadians paying most for data in developed world: report
Published: May 7, 2018