Canadians get a break on cell phone contracts

Canadian consumers and small businesses will no longer be locked into three-year contracts under the CRTC’s new wireless code, which was released today.

“Every day, Canadians rely on wireless devices while in their homes, at their jobs, at school or travelling abroad,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC, in a press release. “The wireless code will contribute to a more dynamic marketplace by making it possible for Canadians to discuss their needs with service providers at least every two years.”

Other highlights of the code include:

–    Ability to cancel three-year contracts after two years without cancellation fees
–    Ability to unlock a cell phone after 90 days, or immediately if paid in full
–    Return a cell phone within 15 days if unhappy with service

The regulations come into effect on Dec. 2 and will apply to new contracts or phones purchased after that date. Learn more about the wireless code on the CRTC website.