Canadian Court Orders Google to Delist Site

Google privacyEver since the European Union ruled that users have the right to have embarrassing or defaming links delisted from Google, people have been applying to be forgotten in a virtual sense. However, this ruling was specific to Europe. Now a Canadian court has ruled that Google must delete links for a very similar reason in a decision that may reach beyond borders.

Canadian company Equustek Solutions filed a complaint alleging another company stole its ideas and sold similar technology on over 300 websites after conspiring with former Equustek employees. The Supreme Court of British Columbia agreed, and ordered links to sites associated with the rival company be taken down.

While Google agreed to delist all links from, the courts mandate reached further than that by ordering all references to the offending sites be removed globally by June 27.

This case has raised the question of whether or not the “right to be forgotten” is a principle that will extend far beyond the European Union.

*Source: The Telegraph