Canada’s Facebook Addiction

It is no surprise that the social media site that has made its mark on the entire world is hugely popular in Canada as well. But do you ever wonder just how many Canadians are scrolling through their newsfeeds and liking their friends’ posts? According to a recent study conducted by Facebook, the number is shockingly high.

There are nearly 34.5 million Canadians, and statistics indicate more than half of them use Facebook once a month. Nineteen million users use it monthly, and 14 million check their newsfeed every day.

More people use their phones to check social media than those who go home and use it on their PC. Of the 14 million daily Facebook users, 9.4 million access the site on their mobile device. Facebook Canada managing director Jordan Banks notes that Canada has a higher usage rate than the United States, and the rest of the world.

“Sixty-one percent is pretty much the global average, in the U.S. that number is somewhere around 70 percent and in Canada it’s 74 percent,” Banks was quoted as saying.

Clearly it can be seen that Canada has a serious Facebook addiction.