You can pay for these VPNs with retail gift cards

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a hot topic in the midst of of net neutrality media coverage. Even if you’re looking to subscribe, it may seem a little out of your budget. But as it turns out, a few VPN services accept retail gift cards as a form of payment – so if you have any sitting around from Christmas or a birthday that you will never use, you might be able to put them towards something you want.

Slash Gear points out that using these gift cards instead of your credit card comes with the added bonus of being a little more anonymous. The publication suggests three top-notch VPNs that will accept gift cards as payment.

The first is Private Internet Access, or PIA. PIA is well known in the VPN world because its cheap, reliable, and does not keep any logs of your activity. Slash Gear explains that, “The company’s own VPN app includes a kill switch feature that cuts off Internet access if the VPN goes down, and it doesn’t censor or filter out any data (meaning you can torrent if you’re so inclined).”

PIA accepts gift cards from big companies like Walmart, Starbucks, and Best Buy. You pay for an allotted amount of days, with “$25 getting 100 days of service, $50 getting 366 days of service, and $32 getting 129 days.”

Second, Slash Gear recommends BlackVPN. BlackVPN offers servers in a variety of countries across the globe, supports big protocols like OpenVPN, and works on all major mobile OS platforms. Cost wise, it is split into three plans, “Global”, “Privacy”, and “TV”. Within each the servers and features vary.

BlackVPN accepts payments through the service Paymentwall, which in itself accepts gift cards from dozens of US stores, such as Walmart, Office Max, Costco, and American Airlines. It also accepts restaurant gift cards from smaller names like Bonefish Grill and California Pizza.

Finally, Slash Gear recommends TorGuard, a “relatively inexpensive VPN service with a no-logging policy and a variety of plan options for various needs.” TorGuard offers thousands of servers, an anonymous email service, and support for using the VPN on multiple devices at once. Of course, TorGuard accepts gift cards as well.

These are not the only VPNs that accept gift cards, but they are three that are reliable, popular, and come highly recommended.