BlackBerry Will Fight for Device Business

johnchenBlackBerry CEO John Chen is warning analysts not to twist his words after a comment attributed to him made waves this week.

Chen found himself in the headlines after an interview – in which he was quoted as saying if the company’s handset business was no longer profitable, it would cease production – went viral. However, he spoke out again Thursday, stating his previous quote had been taken out of context.

Such a move isn’t going to happen in the near future, he wrote on the BlackBerry blog yesterday. In fact, he said the company will continue to fight..

“I want to assure you that I have no intention of selling off or abandoning this business any time soon,” Chen wrote.‎ “I know you still love your BlackBerry devices. I love them too and I know they created the foundation of this company. Our focus today is on finding a way to make this business profitable.”

While some misinterpreted the statement as Chen throwing in the towel, others were quick to point out he’s being smart, and doing exactly what BlackBerry hired him to do – revive the business using any means necessary.