BlackBerry, NantHealth Launch Cancer Genome Browser on Passport



BlackBerry and NantHealth, a cloud-based healthcare data provider, have launched a secure cancer genome browser, allowing doctors to access patients’ genetic data on their BlackBerry Passport smartphones.

BlackBerry bought a minority stake in NantHealth earlier this year, with an eye towards developing its presence in the healthcare sector. The company’s immense networks can manage and secure data on mobile devices, which will prove advantageous in the healthcare industry due to its heightened focus on patient privacy.

The BlackBerry Passport’s wider screen is ideal for physician use, allowing for better viewing of X-rays, scans and documents. The genome browser is fully encrypted to allow physicians to securely access patient data as soon as it becomes available, regardless of their location.

“Our partnership with BlackBerry has really been able to create a scalable super-computer in the palm of the hand of the doctor,” Said Patrick Soon-Shiong, chief executive of NantHealth.

The browser will be shown at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas in January. It will be pre-loaded on BlackBerry Passport devices and made available to the professional community in early 2015. The browser will also be available on certain alternate platform devices, but will still be secured by BlackBerry’s network.