BlackBerry Acquires UK Startup Morvirtu

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In an effort to ramp up its portfolio, BlackBerry has recently acquired UK-based startup Morvitu. Its reasoning? Morvirtu’s software allows users to manage multiple phone numbers from a single device.

BlackBerry’s core base of corporate and government clients makes Morvirtu a perfect fit for the company. Morvirtu’s technology allows users to have a personal and business number on a single device, and to toggle between these profiles as desired. It would also mean the separate billing of voice, data and messaging for each number. The best part is users don’t have to carry multiple devices or SIM cards.

“Clearly this fits nicely within the strategy we have so far articulated. We are building recurring revenue streams in value-added services and providing more value to enterprises,” the head of BlackBerry’s enterprise unit John Sims said in an interview.

This acquisition provides further proof that BlackBerry’s chief executive John Chen plans to reshape the company by increasing its focus on software in the areas of mobile data security and mobile device management.