BlackBerry + Android = Love

BlackBerry LogoBlackBerry is committed to developing new devices based on the Android OS, announcing plans to continue to follow the course charted by the BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry plans on releasing at least one, but possibly two, smartphones powered by Android in 2016. CEO John Chen told CNET the emphasis on Android should not come as a surprise to users considering BlackBerry 10 failed to gain popularity after its release in 2013. This, coupled with the fact that BlackBerry’s OS holds only a one percent market share while Android enjoys nearly 53 percent, leaves little shock in the company’s decision.

The BlackBerry Priv, while using different software, isn’t all that different from the original BlackBerry smartphone you might be used to. It has a slide out physical keyboard, keeping true to the original BlackBerry image.

BlackBerry has not given up on its current operating system. John Chen has publicly said that the company plans on releasing two updates for BlackBerry 10 users in 2016.