BlackBerry Acquires WatchDox


BlackBerry is aiming to boost its software revenue to $500 million by March 2016, a goal which will only be aided by the company’s recent purchase of startup WatchDox. Adding to its software offerings will continue to ease BlackBerry’s dependence on smartphones.

WatchDox is a file-sharing security startup designed to help governments and companies control who can see important documents, as well as prevent leaks. According to, the company based out of Palo Alto, California has raised $38.5 million (U.S.) from investors such as Blackstone Group LP and Gemini Israel Ventures. Some of its clients include Hollywood studios and private equity firms.

WatchDox CEO Moti Rafalin said its technology allows users to control access to files even after they’ve been sent outside of the company’s internal network. “The only way to protect content in this highly distributed world is if security travels with documents,” Rafalin said in a phone interview.

BlackBerry’s efforts to boost their revenue will be helped by purchasing more startups such as WatchDox, says CEO John Chen. Nine months ago, BlackBerry bought Secusmart GmbH, a German company specializing in anti-eavesdropping technology for mobile devices.