Audi to Equip All 2016 Cars with AT&T LTE

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Audi has announced it will outfit all of its 2016 vehicles with LTE service provided by AT&T. This agreement is an extension of AT&T’s previous deal to provide LTE connectivity to all 2014 Audi A3 cars. AT&T will provide Audi drivers with the ability to add their vehicles to their Mobile Share data plan for a monthly access fee of $10.

Additionally, AT&T will be introducing the ability for cars to connect to its Digital Life home security and automation platform. This means a vehicle equipped with AT&T Drive will be able to embed Digital Life features, allowing the driver to control their home from their car dashboard.

AT&T is proving to be a leader in the connected car space, which can in part be attributed to its development of a global GSM-based SIM card. These global SIM cards can be programmed remotely to switch to different networks in different geographic locations, and can also be used to track shipments around the globe.

AT&T has struck deals with auto makers including Nissan, BMW, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Tesla, Volvo and GM’s operations in Europe.