AT&T Sues FCC Over Net Neutrality

ATTAT&T recently filed a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), seeking to overturn its net neutrality ruling, which was just published in the Federal Register.

AT&T joins the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, United States Telecom Association, American Cable Association, and the CTIA in their efforts to change the FCC’s decision. These associations allege the new rules are “arbitrary and capricious, and violate federal law.”

The main complaint shared by these groups is regarding the FCC’s decision to view the Internet as a telecommunications service, as opposed to a utility like phone services.

AT&T has stayed out of previous lawsuits against the FCC in regards to net neutrality. Both Comcast and Verizon have won notable lawsuits about the same issue.

All of the suits have been filed in U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and will be joined into a single case. If more cases are filed in other circuits within ten days of publication in the Federal Register, a lottery will be held to determine where the case is heard.